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AX 2006: Interview w/ Peter Payne, Head of Peach Princess

Anime Expo 2006

Media Conventions
Genre Anime Convention
Publisher N/A
Release Date July 1-4, 2006
Age Rating ALL
Website Anime Expo

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July 04, 2006

by: James Jursudakul

INTERVIEW: New title announcement and the status of G-Collections and the bishoujo-game market.

Although the adult bishoujo game companies Peach Princess/G-Collections/JAST-USA did not have a panel at Anime Expo 2006, the J-List booth was present and owner Peter Payne was present at the expo himself, helping with sales at the booth. The following is a complete transcript of our interview with Peter Payne on July 2, 2006 inside the Anaheim Convention Center in California. In the interview, Mr. Payne discusses the current state of the American adult bishoujo game market and also announces their next title.

AMN: Can you please introduce yourself?

Peter Payne: My name is Peter Payne and for the past fifteen years I’ve lived in Japan. For about ten years we’ve been running a company called J-List, which is basically an online shop based in Japan where we kind of specialize in basically any kind of cool thing from Japan that we can find–from T-shirts and traditional footwear or ninja-shoes, pretty much any kind of cool thing from Japan we’re going to be the ones to get it cause we’re right there at the source.

AMN: You’re also the owner of the bishoujo-game companies: JAST-USA, G-Collections, and Peach Princess. How did the companies start out? What’s their history?

Peter Payne at the J-List Booth

Peter Payne: As we were sort of starting J-List we were also looking at something we had liked at the time was the Japanese bishoujo games. Bishoujo means pretty girl, and we were looking at the Japanese adult games for computers and we had thought that was kind of a cool thing and no one else was doing it so we made some contacts and then we started bringing/started the process of translating these games. First we started as JAST-USA and a couple years later we assisted with another company called Peach Princess. And then when G-Collections came along we were also doing distribution for them. So slowly we’ve been bringing awareness of these Japanese adult dating-sim games into a lot of people, you know getting a lot of fans along the way.

AMN: Just how big are each of these companies (JAST-USA, G-Collections, Peach Princess)?

Peter Payne: Well really now, JAST-USA is the main company and Peach Princess is a subsidiary or a brand of us and as for G-Collections we’ve basically taken over the distribution company, even though the parent company still exists in Japan. But yeah, we’ve been able to bring it to quite a large level. We’ve got so many games now that fans can come and play whatever genre they’re interested in, they can find something that’s interesting whether it’s cat-girls or very dramatic games, or the darker games, there’s a good mixture of things now and they can find really something their interested in and that’s helping us out a lot.

AMN: How would you describe the current bishoujo-game industry in North America?

Peter Payne: This year we’ve been, more than any other time, sex in video games have been, there’s actually been sort of discussions about it in public. Partially thanks to hot-coffee, which is the sex-game inside Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. So more than any other time the idea of sex and video games going together is being discussed right now, so I think it’s obviously good. Obviously, some of the discussion is centered around “how do you keep adult-games from being purchased by minors?” and of course that’s a very valid and important issue, on the other hand people are also thinking, “wow, you can actually have violence or sex in video games,” which of course we’ve always had in movies, books, comic books, and all these other forms of medium so we’ve been sort of working that as hard as we can to get people interested in our products cause here’s an example of something that’s really good. It’s not something that’s new at all, we’ve been here for the past six or seven years and so a lot of people who are starting to discuss the idea of sex in video games are kind of surprised to find there’s a company that’s been profitably making deals in the market for these games for a long time so it’s kind of interesting that nobody sort of knew about us cause we’re sort of known by the anime fans but not by the more mainstream video game industry or the adult industry.

AMN: So would you say the market has expanded since the last few years?

Peter Payne: Definitely it has expanded. There’s more comic shops, there’s more on sort edge video game places that will carry our products so it definitely has expanded. Just having more games coming out helps a lot too. Every new game brings the awareness of that game and also other games. For example if you’re buying X-Change 3, then you might be interested in games in the X-Change series or other games that Crowd has done. So from that standpoint, yes things have sort of expanded out.

The J-List Banner at Anime Expo 2006

AMN: So you wouldn’t say that the market has slowed down after you took over G-Collections and the monthly releases have stopped?

Peter Payne: Definitely. I mean G-Collections had this monster schedule and I’ve always wondered you know, “how the hell do they this?” So that was good. It was really nice having a game every six-weeks or something like that. On the other hand, actually I don’t think its really shrunk since then. Its expanded past that, we’ve gotten new games out. This year we’ve gotten, just released, X-Change 3, Yin Yang! we’ll have out very soon, and the two Yaoi titles–we’ve got one out and we’ll have another one out soon. So I mean, I think we are seeing steady expansion, despite the fact that we don’t have a game coming out every month from G-Collections. And we will have new games coming from G-Collections soon by the way. We’ll be making some announcements pretty soon about that.

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