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AX 2006: Interview w/ Peter Payne, Head of Peach Princess

Anime Expo 2006

Media Conventions
Genre Anime Convention
Publisher N/A
Release Date July 1-4, 2006
Age Rating ALL
Website Anime Expo

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July 04, 2006

by: James Jursudakul

INTERVIEW: New title announcement and the status of G-Collections and the bishoujo-game market.

AMN: Is piracy a big issue of concern for your company?

Peter Payne: Absolutely. Piracy is, you know any company selling anything in a digital form has a big problem with piracy. If we were Hollywood, we could absorb a certain amount of piracy but we are a niche within a niche. So even, compared to consoles, PC software is a niche cause its shrunk. And were a niche within that because we cant get any kind major distribution in Best Buy and things like that. So we really need every fan to give us their dollar vote. Basically to pick the games they want. They dont have to buy every game but pick the games they want to see more of, buy those, and well get the message. Well say, wow boy that game really sold. We better get more of those by the same company by the same style. Its really important in this kind of genre because were just very very small. If it werent for sort of our sort of hard headed approach. Were going to make something out of this bishoujo game genre even though its sort of going against the mainstream of American marketing to sell a little product in a place where we cant get it into stores you know? So we really need fans to understand that and to not pirate the games and cast their dollar votes for the games they want and well get the message and make more of those types of games.

AMN: So whats the release schedule for the rest of the year?

Peter Payne: Certainly were going to get the second yaoi game out. Yin Yang!, were working hard on that. Well have those out. Not sure. You know we have a good chance of getting the next game out, Dream Drug, or whatever were going to end of calling it, probably by the end of this year. . .well Im not sure. It just depends. But for next year well have the next games that were working on. Well be announcing them out in stages probably. Not all at once. But by this time next year, hopefully well have three more games out so people can have a lot of things to choose from.

AMN: For the second yaoi title, how much of it is complete?

The yaoi title, Perfect Obedience, will be the next title to be released from JAST-USA

Peter Payne: Its all done. Its in beta-testing. So actually Im going to go upstairs and beta-test it tonight. The second one is Perfect Obedience. You know, youve got military uniforms, and gay man, and nazi uniforms. Its kind of funny. As long as youre going to be yaoi, you might as well be over the top. So its kind of funny.

AMN: Any comments for the fans of bishoujo/yaoi games?

Peter Payne: Basically thank you to the fans that have stuck by us and bought our titles and helped given us feedback and things like that. Please continue to do so. Kore kara yoroshiku onegaishimasu. Thank you for your past help and thanks now and in the future for your ongoing help. We think this genre is really good. Thanks to our fans and to the efficiency of the internet where we can actually reach our fans directly as opposed to having to level the distribution as they do in Japan. It allows us to survive and flourish when even though the market might be too small otherwise. Were going to continue to make use of that and continue to grow this thing. With new titles coming were going to work with that and hopefully have a lot of success.

AMN: Thank you very much.

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