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Kana ~Little Sister~

Kana ~Little Sister~

Media 18+ Games
Genre Adult/Bishoujo Adventure
Publisher G-Collections
MSRP $29.95
Release Date 07/02/02
Age Rating 18+
Website G-Collections

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Kana Todo - Childhood at the Hospital

Kana Todo - Late Teens in Bed

Kana in the Hospital - Early Teens

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January 18, 2007

by: James Jursudakul

“. . .a visual novel I will remember, always.”

[Taka: “If there was a god who would grant you any wish
. . .what would you pray for, Kana?”
Kana: “God?”
Taka: “Yeah. . .it’s just an assumption.”
Kana: “I. . .”
Kana thinks for a long time.
She looks like she’s seriously thinking about it.
Finally she opens her mouth.
Kana: “I want to live. . .”
Tears drop from her eyes.
Kana: "I want to live. . .longer."
Kana cries.]
- Excerpt from Kana ~Little Sister~.

Story Description: Kana is your younger sister, and never was there a kinder, more gentle girl anywhere. Kana has carried a deadly disease ever since she was a child, and you’ve always been protective of her for this reason – she’s your kid sister, after all. As the situation gets more serious however, your feelings for Kana start to change, as you realize she might not be with you forever. You’d do anything to save her, anything. . .You’d even love her.

Kana -Little Sister-
The most anticipated love-sim from Japan ever, now available in English! Kana -Little Sister- is an interactive multi-scenario bishoujo game with potential endings. A fascinating game that tastefully explores various themes of love and taboo, this dramatic dating-sim will change the way you view Japan’s visual hentai culture forever. You hold the key to the entire story in the game, and the life-or-death fate of Kana is totally in your hands.


Born with internal organ failure, Kana Todo has to spend most of her life in the hospital.

Kana ~Little Sister~ is a visual novel I will remember, always. It contains the most heart-felt tale that I’ve ever experienced in a game. Never before have I ever shed so many tears of sorrow over a story-based game. It is a game filled with numerous tear dropping moments that touch the heart. It’s not a story about plot-twists, mystery, action, or adventure. Rather, it’s a compassionate narrative about a boy who devotes himself to his younger sister in hopes of having her experience a normal life, which she can only dream of. This dramatic story contains just the right blend of romance and subtle bits of comedy to help provide a balance to its overly melancholy atmosphere. I was completely into the story from the first time Kana is introduced as a child till the very last moments of the game, wondering if I was able to save Kana from her tragic fate. The story of Kana ~Little Sister~ is truly exemplary and it finely demonstrates how fascinating the stories of visual novels can actually be.

The game spans a period of ten-years, going through Kana's childhood, early-teens, and high-school years.

Played from a first-person perspective, Kana’s story tells of the life of Taka Todo through a ten-year time period, spanning Taka’s elementary school, junior-high, high-school, and college days – telling of his first love, his feelings for his petite sister – Kana, and his motivation to save her life. Ever since Kana was a child, she has spent most of her life in the hospital because of her incurable illness. The doctors even expected Kana’s twilight days to come before her elementary school graduation, but after a relationship changing life-or-death situation occurred between her and Taka, it seems Kana may have found the will to live. . .

For those that are concerned, the subject of incest is undoubtedly touched upon in Kana, but it’s definitely not the theme of the game. The subject of incest, which doesn’t even occur until about three-quarters of the way through the game, is actually handled, in my opinion, in a very mature and almost entirely undisturbing manner. The focus and theme of Kana is actually living and appreciating life, which the writers did a wonderful job of expressing by letting the players witness the various stages of Taka’s and Kana’s life. Each stage of the character’s life (elementary school, junior-high, high-school, and college days) is well thought out and serves to acquaint the characters with the player, making you feel as if you’ve really known the characters for a long period of time. The game does an excellent job of drawing the player in, and showing why Taka wants Kana to experience a normal girl’s life, and why incest becomes an issue later on. By the game’s end, sympathy will very likely be a feeling that you’ll be all too familiar with.

Kana ~Little Sister~ contains many sorrowful moments.

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