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G-Collections Officially Announces Cat Girl Alliance

Cat Girl Alliance

Media 18+ Games
Genre Adult/Bishoujo Adventure
Publisher G-Collections
MSRP $34.95
Release Date Announced
Website G-Collections

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January 12, 2008

by: James Jursudakul

G-Collections to release Sekilala's feline-dressed-girl w/ futanari eroge.

G-Collections has recently made available for pre-order Sekilala's Cat Girl Alliance on their site. Known as Koneko Domei in Japan, the story tells of Eiji Tachibana, a transfer student who one day walks into his female classmates having sex with each other - one of whom is a futanari (hermanphrodite). The futanari girl - Rumi, who also happens to be the class president - has an insatiable desire for sex and is hoping to help relieve her lust with new partners, such as Eiji and their other female classmates. Cat Girl Alliance is currently in development and has an MSRP of $34.95. No release date has been set yet but free shipping will be given to all pre-orders, which are now being taken at G-Collections and other JAST-USA affiliate sites.

source: G-Collections

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